Sheep Sorrel Herb, Wildcrafted 1lb C/S | Rumex Acetosella | Sour Dock Tea | Dry Loose Herb

Sheep Sorrel Herb, Wildcrafted 1lb C/S | Rumex Acetosella | Sour Dock Tea | Dry Loose Herb

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Type: Sheep Sorrel.
Color: Brownish-green.
Process: dry Sheep Sorrel full herb, cut, and sifted.
Fragrance/Taste: mild lemony scent.
Other Names: Sour Weed, Red Sorrel.

Sheep’s sorrel, also known as Sour Weed and Red Sorrel is a herbaceous perennial plantn in the buckwheat family (Polygonaceae) growing to a height of 4 to 12 inches. It is original to central and southeastern Europe, the plant is considered an invasive weed, especially to farmers. Sheep’s sorrel has a long history of use in North America, where the leaf is used to season food, and thicken soups, the entire plant is an essential ingredient in the eight herbs original Native American formula for a tea known as Essiac or Ojibwa tea.

Sheep Sorrel herb has powerful antioxidant properties and is high in vitamin A and C, it is also a diuretic in urinary dysfunction and edema.

Active Ingredients:

Sheep sorrel contains vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, K, minerals calcium, chlorine, iron, and magnesium. In addition, sheep sorrel contains small amounts of sodium, sulfur, silicon, and traces of copper, iodine, manganese, and zinc. Sheep sorrel dried aerial parts contain: rutin (0.53%), flavone glycosides (i.e. hyperoside or quercitin-3d-galactoside) 0.05%, and hyperin (12mg/100g).

The total vitamin C of the leaves varies from 750-1200mg/100g based on the dry weight. The ash (8.1%) contains, in the oxide form, 20.0% calcium; 13.9% phosphorus; 13.4% magnesium; 28.3% potassium, and 11.5% silicon, along with iron, sulfur, copper, iodine, manganese, and zinc. The leaves and stems contain beneficial carotenoids, chlorophyll, organic acids (i.e., malic, oxalic, tannic, tartaric, and citric) and phytoestrogens. The plant also contains health-supporting anthraquinones including emodin, aloe-emodin, chrysophanol, rhein, and physcion.

Beneficial Qualities:

Stimulates the excretion of urine (diuretic)
Stimulates transpiration (sudorific)
Tonic for kidneys and urinary passages
Refreshing lessens thirst
Lessens gall production
Invigorates the heart during fever
Counteracts decay
Strengthens the immune system
Strengthens cell walls
Helps cleans the blood vessels
Stimulates the growth of new tissue
Increases cell oxygen content

Historically or traditionally known to support the body's function and physiology as:

Cellular regeneration
Gum disorders (anti-scorbutic)
Diuretic Laxative
Swollen glands
Vascular disorders
Fever (anti-pyretic)
Cardiovascular activity
Mild antiseptic

Side Effects:
Large doses of sheep sorrel taken by itself may cause gastric disturbance, nausea, and diarrhea due to anthraquinones-type laxative compounds. Large doses of the raw herb may even cause poisoning due to high oxalic acid and tannin content.


Sheep sorrel and other plants of the Polygonaceae family contain oxalates in their fresh form and oxalates in the cooked leaves (similar to spinach or rhubarb) and may be contraindicated in cases of kidney stones or weak kidney function.


Sheep Sorrel is mainly applied as a decoction (the extraction of an essence or active ingredient from a substance by boiling). But it can also be consumed raw, for instance in a salad. The seeds have a detoxifying effect. Because of the presence of oxalic acid one should not exceed the recommended amount.

Historical archives of folk medicine in both Europe and the US repeatedly mention sheep sorrel.

Nurse Rene Caisse, a prominent user of a group of herbal formulas she called Essiac, considered sheep sorrel to be a key herb in the protocol for breaking down unwanted tissue and excess substances in the body. Sheep sorrel also activated cellular detoxification and cleaning, but worked better in synergy with other herbs in the blend.

Sheep Sorrel contains abundant chlorophyll, the green pigment of plant blood, and contributes to the transport of ample oxygen to the cells. This can be wonderful in helping to maintain cell integrity in situational exposed cell damage (incurred for example from radiation from use of x-rays). Powerful anti-oxidative effects of carotenoids in sheep sorrel have also been demonstrated.

Sheep Sorrel provides oxygen to tissue at the deep cellular level. It also provides strong structural immune support. Sheep sorrel has a long history of traditional use as an astringent, diuretic and mild laxative. Sheep Sorrel contains constituents including beta carotene, tartaric acid, oxalates (oxalic acid), anthraquinones (chrysophanol, emodin, and rhein), glycosides like hyperoside, the quercitin-3d-galactoside. The plant is native to Eurasia but has been introduced to most of the rest of North America, it is considered a common weed in fields, grasslands, and woodlands.

At least ten Native tribes of Canada and the United States have used this plant, also known as sour grass or sour weed, as a food and medicine. Sheep sorrel is a popular ingredient of many folk remedies and the tea was used traditionally as a diuretic and to helping fevers, inflammation and gum disorders. Interestingly, even though it is not a legume, sheep sorrel contains significant levels of phytoestrogens with notable estrogen receptor binding activity, similar to the isoflavone phytoestrogens common to red clover, licorice, and soy, all legumes known for their strong health restorative properties. The herb also contains several anthraquinones that are effective antioxidants and free radical scavengers. Although research is limited on sheep sorrel, closely related species contain a powerful antibacterial compound called rumicin.

The high tannin content of the tea can also provide astringent action, which is useful for issues like diarrhea and excessive menstrual bleeding.

The high tannin content of the tea can also provide astringent action, which is useful for issues like diarrhea and excessive menstrual bleeding. At low doses, most Rumex species are useful inhabiting diarrhea; however at higher doses they stimulate peristalsis due to the presence of anthraquinones that directly affect the neuromuscular tissue, increasing the mucous production of colonic mucosa cells and promoting the secretion of water into the intestinal lumen, thereby exerting a cleansing effect.

CAUTION: Do not take Sheep Sorrel herb if you have kidney stones, arthritis, or gout due to the oxalic acid content. Do not take in excessive dosages or for a long period of time.


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